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* ToolBook Runtime Engine - where to locate the downloadable installers

    ToolBook Runtime Installers:

    1. ToolBook 11.5
    2. ToolBook 11
      Neuron was retired as of ToolBook 11, so the stand-alone Runtime installer is once again available.
    3. ToolBook 7.x - 10.5
      For these versions of ToolBook, the Runtime installer was joined into the Neuron installer. As such there is no longer a seperate installer just for the Runtime Engine. If you would like to install the Runtime files on a computer use the Neuron Installer. The Neuron Installer actually is identical to the older runtime installer but with a minor additions in that it installs the full runtime engine but also installs a few components (plugins) which know how to communicate with the browsers. 

      To locate the correct Neuron Installer for your needs, please see:
    4. ToolBook Assistant and Instructor 6.5
      tb65rt.exe is a 32 bit runtime engine (and is not compatible with Win 3.x).
    5. ToolBook Publisher and Instructor 5.0
      tb50rt.exe is a self-extracting ZIP file which expands into setup.exe and other supporting files. Run setup.exe to start the install of the 5.0 Runtime.
    6. Multimedia ToolBook 4.0 CBT
    7. Multimedia ToolBook 4.0
    8. Multimedia ToolBook 3.0 CBT
    9. Multimedia ToolBook 3.0
    10. ToolBook 3.0

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